Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cast at Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Red Carpet

Thursday, July 24th  ( 1533 )

To my role model, my inspiration, my queen, Jeanne Marie Tripplehorn: Happy Birthday! (10 June 1963)

Tuesday, June 10th  ( 76 )

ssadrblake said: hope you are okay hun! *hugs* Did you manage to send off the scrapbook for Jeanne?

Hiiii. No worries I’m alright, just need to sort a few things out. I updated my hiatus post, I explained it all in there, including the Jeanne scrapbook. Love ya dear :)

Saturday, June 07th  ( 2 )


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Saturday, June 07th  ( 6 )

the cavalry

Tuesday, June 03rd  ( 622 )


Tuesday, June 03rd  ( 24658 )

So I had a thought. Instead of a scrapbook, I thought of putting all the letters and print-outs of the art in a nice vintage-y box. Like a collection of old pictures and mementos you keep under your bed. What do you guys think? (Oh and also only three more days until I send it so let the submissions pour in!)

Monday, June 02nd  ( 2 )
Criminal Minds + Mean Girls 

Saturday, May 31st  ( 1621 )

ssadrblake said: Oh no worries! Could I email it to you? If you an email address I could send it to that would be great!

Yes sure :) Send it to Thanks again! 

Friday, May 30th  ( 2 )

ssadrblake said: I know exactly how you feel, my laptop isn’t working and I have all these ideas but no photoshop *hugs* Oh did you get my message re the scrapbook for jeanne?

Like it hurts it really hurts. I like making graphics/edits too but giffing is my passion. It’s the first thing I learned to do in PS and I love doing it, like how it’s taught me to master the art of forcing yourself out of a two-minute nap after files have loaded into a stack ughhh. Oh no I didn’t get it! I was actually waiting for it. I really hate when this happens, because thinking of how many more submissions/messages I didn’t receive really freaks me out. Sorry for the trouble. I hope you resend it when you can your submission really means a lot :)

Friday, May 30th  ( 3 )